School Nutrition Simplified


Session Descriptions

Developing Effective Communication Skills
How much time and productivity are lost to employee drama caused by simple misunderstandings? How many customers are lost to ineffective communication? This training will present four steps for staff to follow to enhance their interactions with coworkers, students, and parents.

Workplace Gossip and Pet Peeves
These two topics can be addressed individually or be combined into one training. Gossip intertwines within the daily life of the school kitchen. Gossip and coworker pet peeves often cause friction. The goal is to help staff see how they themselves may contribute to gossip or pet peeves and what they as individuals can do to create a harmonious productive workplace.

Team Building
Participants are divided into teams. By competing in a variety of hands‐on activities, they learn to apply strategies fundamental to developing a winning team. Activities are designed to be fun while promoting the healthy habits we want students to embrace. Sample activities include ID the Whole Grain, the Sugar Tower, Healthy Food Jeopardy, or a scavenger hunt. Physical activities may include a Hula Hoop contest, the Egg Relay, or Stretching Challenge.

Customer Service

  • Who is my customer?
  • What are my customer’s needs and wants?
  • Am I meeting those needs?
  • What do I need to meet those needs?
  • What will I do to meet the customers’ needs?
  • How will my customer know that I am meeting the needs?

When Construction Becomes a Four-­letter Word
This class is designed to relieve the anxiety of construction projects. It will discuss construction terms and definitions along with the basics in reading plans and blueprints. Photos will highlight common errors made when remodeling or planning a new school kitchen.

Safety and Sanitation Training

  • Safety Manager Certification Training (ServSafe or NRFSP)
  • Food Safety Defense Training

How to Set Prices
Many times schools cut themselves short by pricing a la carte items at too low a price. Look at how a simple formula calculated from the budgeted food cost can serve as the key factor to determine an appropriate price.

Public Speaking


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